Other projects by Nida Sea

Nida's Book Reviews is just one of my many other blogs, projects and hobbies that I have settled out and about the internet. The links below offer different things I do enjoy doing or writing about.

(A dedication and appreciation for the person who inspired me to write.)

(A review of small electronics, video consoles, computes, etc., I love electronics!)

(A site that I co-own, and built, with my sister. This particular link 
contains my portfolio, resume, artwork and short stories written by me.)

(A business site based with tips, job listings and personal experience about working as a freelancer.)

I have always loved writing; and I find myself virtually writing about anything and everything! The content of these articles may vary greatly. I have interest in many different things, so one extreme from another may portray me as a confusing person, but I can assure you I am not.

Enjoy the links and leave comments if you wish- emails are welcomed. Thanks!

- Nida Sea